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High-Vibe Health

This guiltless, gut-loving hot chocolate is packed with nutrient-rich goodness, provided by the nourishing powers of BONE BROTH! 

 A rich and satisfying combination of 48-hour simmered organic beef and grass-fed and finished bone broth, organic almond milk, organic raw cacao, organic pure maple syrup, organic pure vanilla and organic stevia create the perfect combination of sweet and savoury! 

 Additional beauty, immune boosting, inflammation reducing (and delicious) Chocobroth add-ons include collagen peptides, medicinal mushrooms, and of course, a big dollop of coconut whip cream!

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Ten Thousand Villages

A perfectly Canadian idea! We’ve carefully blended fabulous local, organic maple sugar from Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers’ Co‑operative in Québec with fair trade and organic cocoa and sugar from our small‑scale farmer co‑operatives to make a truly Canadian hot chocolate. The result: a rich dark hot chocolate with just the right touch of maple. We hope you’ll love this delicious blend of co‑operative partnerships as much as we do!

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Sought and Found Coffee Roasters

Our Real Chocolate x Milk features the 2018 International Chocolate Awards Canada and Americas regional gold medals winner, the 70% Tumaco Colombia dark chocolate, ethically sourced and locally hand crafted from bean to bar by Kin + Pod, completed with AB local, traceable, ethical and organic milk by Vital Green Farms, carefully steamed to create the desirable fluffy texture and integrate perfectly to make a rich, creamy and flavourful hot chocolate. Our goal is to let these top-notch ingredients speak for themselves. 

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Being inside a health complex, this year we’ve partnered with Christina Mintenko of HoF chocolate to create this protein rich cocoa to relieve joint pain and improve skin health. This protein packed Collagen Hot Chocolate is a deliciously thick, creamy, healthy hot chocolate. To learn more about the benefits of collagen visit:

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