Rockridge Dairy Ltd

Rock Ridge Dairy is a family owned artisan milk and cheese processing facility run by Patrick and Cherylynn Bos.  Located in the heart of Alberta the Bos Farm is nestled right between Lacombe and Ponoka.  Originally started as a goat dairy farm in 1995, the Bos family later diversified by adding a processing facility,  (Rock Ridge Dairy) to their farm.  This allowed them to process their own milk for retail sale from farm to fork.  Today they focus on running smaller batch specialty products from the goat milk produced by the Bos Farm’s own herd of 700 milking does as well as from four other local dairy goat farms.  Organic cow milk and cream under the Rock Ridge Dairy Label were later added to expand the product line. Their focus is to produce high quality Organic cow and goat milk and cheese products for Alberta consumers.

Currently the products offered are Organic Cow milk and cream, whole natural goat milk, goat feta, and chevre (goat milk cream cheese).


Why Goat Milk?  Worldwide, more people drink goat milk than milk from any other single animal.  Goat milk is higher in Calcium, lower in Cholesterol and richer in Vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus and niacin than cows milk.  Also goat milk has 13% less lactose than cows milk and contains smaller fat and protein particles making it easier to digest.  In many cases, people with cow milk allergies have no trouble consuming goat milk and this opens a whole new world for those people that previously thought they had to endure a dairy allergy.  Goat milk is also one of the best starter formulas for children because it is so easily digested.  Our producers take great care in feeding their animals a grain, alfalfa and grass hay diet to ensure the milk has a clear sweet taste and here at Rock Ridge Dairy we process the milk as a whole and natural product, not taking anything from it or adding anything to it.  Give it a try.  We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Our Fabulous Farm Feta:  Our goat milk feta is made in the traditional manner of the artisanal cheese makers and is packaged in a brine using it’s own whey with no artificial preservatives and typically has less salt than many store varieties, interfering less with the fabulous flavor of the cheese.  This cheese is typically used in salads, pasta’s, pizza, stuffed meats, bruchetta, casseroles and a variety of Greek dishes.

Our Chevre:  This is a very versatile goat milk based cream cheese which can be used in both sweet and savory applications.  Use it anywhere you would use Philadelphia cream cheese.   It is great for appetizers and as a spread or dip for crackers, breads or vegetables.  Eat it plain or be creative and add your own flavorings like dill, garlic or lemon, red pepper jelly or fruit compote.  It also makes wonderful baked or no bake cheese cake.

Organic Cow Milk and Cream:  Jersey cows are traditionally the preferred family milk cow due to their quiet disposition and their more nutrient rich milk.  Rich and creamy at 5% butter fat, nothing is more satisfying.  Most importantly this milk is also great because it has A2 beta-caseins (found in sheep, goat, Jersey and Guernsey milk). A2 beta-caseins are better for you.  Our milk products are the only purely A2 beta-casein cow milk products available at a retail level in Alberta.  And remember…when there is fresh grass available (May-October) the cows are in the pasture grazing.  That is great for health conscience people looking for that extra CLA boost.  Better milk… better for you!