2017 Event Summary


The sixth annual YYC Hot Chocolate Fest welcomed 79 local businesses at 106 locations across Calgary, who put their best mug forward and competed for the coveted titles of Calgary’s Best Hot Chocolate & Calgary’s Best Spirited Hot Chocolate. With partial proceeds from each drink sold being donated to Calgary Meals on Wheels, we also recognized one participant with the Cup That Runneth Over Award to recognize their outstanding contribution made to Calgary Meals on Wheels as a result of their participation.

After 28 days of the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest, over 2650 ratings were collected, and more than 20,000 hot chocolates sold, we are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 YYC Hot Chocolate Fest!

Calgary’s Best Hot Chocolate of 2017

Winner: The Bean Stop – Taj Mahal Hot Chocolate
First Runner Up: Red Bush Tea & Coffee Co. – Mayan Magic Hot Chocolate
Second Runner Up: Light Cellar – White Chocolate Matcha Kiss

Calgary’s Best Spirited Hot Chocolate of 2017

Winner: Vendome Cafe – Aztec Hot Chocolate
First Runner Up: Eaglequest Golf Course – Canadian Maple Whiskey Hot Chocolate
Second Runner Up: Midtown Kitchen – Amaretto Float

The Cup That Runneth Over Award

Winner: Euphoria Cafe – 1605 hot chocolates sold!
Runner Up: Higher Ground Café – 1520 hot chocolates sold
Second Runner Up: Rosso Coffee Roasters – 1720 hot chocolates sold between five locations


Join us in applauding our winners, all of our amazing participants and celebrating more than $35,000 raised in 2017!

We Would Like To Thank:

All of our participants for their creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication to YYC Hot Chocolate Fest! This event is made so successful by the hard work of each team participating; from the creation of the signature hot chocolate, to each staff member promoting and encouraging patrons to purchase. We appreciate all of your efforts in house, and at our sub-events throughout the month. Your creations remind us that hot chocolate can become something extraordinary, and you brought some much-needed sweetness into the dreary month of February for all Calgarians to enjoy! Lastly, we are truly gracious for your generous contributions to Calgary Meals on Wheels as a result of YYC Hot Chocolate Fest. We applaud your investment within your community and are confident we will continue to find ways to build relationships, collaborate and achieve great things together for Calgary!

Our partners who assisted us in promoting the event including; Avenue Magazine, City Palate, Where Calgary, Calgary Yelp, It’s Date Night YYC, YYC Now, Daily Hive, Baker’s Beans Food Blog / Wanda Baker and regional radio & television media outlets . Your efforts to show case this event have undoubtedly contributed to our overall success. Each year, we increase awareness of this event and see a rise in participation – largely due to this exposure and sharing of our event’s story, at the heart of which is local businesses supporting Calgary Meals on Wheels. We appreciate your coverage of our local non-profit & community events, and for profiling the small businesses who are participating in this event. Sharing the spotlight with our participants is an excellent way to encourage & reward the businesses who choose to be invested in their community, and we hope to continue building relationships with traditional and digital media partners with Calgary Meals on Wheels.

Last but not least – all of our community members who supported the event through purchasing drinks, participating in events and contests, spreading awareness, and voting online for their favourite hot chocolates! We could not have done it without you!! Your efforts made a difference for Calgarians in need of nutritious & affordable meals – one cup of hot chocolate at a time!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Cheers to an amazing 2017 YYC Hot Chocolate Fest!

How We Determine the Winners

We review every rating for quality assurance and use every approved rating received throughout the month of February to determine the winner of Calgary Best Hot Chocolate and Calgary’s Best Spirited Hot Chocolate.

First, we compile all votes received and divide by category – spirited and regular.

We then take the total number of votes in each category and divide by the total number of competitors to find the average votes per participant. The average number of votes must be received by a given hot chocolate in order to be considered for the winning title of either category. (For example, if the average number of votes per participant is 50, one must reached 50 votes or above to be considered for the title).

This measure ensures that each participant’s segment of data (number of ratings), is large enough to be considered representative of the entire population of data (all of the ratings). For instance, a participant with 10 rating of 5 stars each could not win the competition, even though they had a 5 star rating – as their segment of data was too small to be representative of the population.

Next, we find the average rating for all participants who met the minimum average required. The participant with the highest average rating is the winner of the category in which they are competing.

In the occurrence of a tied rating, we use number of ratings to determine a winner.

This is why is it very important to rate each drink you try as to reflect the public’s true opinion of YYCs Best Hot Chocolate! Rate drinks honestly and give comments openly. Ratings and comments are shared with participants after the competition closes for their review (and brain storming for future years of competition!)