The Event

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is a delicious and friendly competition to find Calgary’s Best Hot Chocolate. What makes the fest even sweeter? All of the yummy goodness supports a wonderful cause, with a portion of the proceeds from each purchase being donated to support Calgary Meals on Wheels. The YYC Hot Chocolate Fest began in 2012 and in six years has evolved into a city wide festival of hot chocolate. Raising a grand total of $64,262.81 to support Calgarians in need of nutritious meals delivered to their homes. The fest aims to promote and encourage support of local business and Calgary Meals on Wheels by rallying the city to participate in drinking hot chocolate that builds community!

Throughout the month of February, participating cafes, restaurants, and chocolatiers feature signature hot chocolate drinks created especially for this competition. Customer online ratings decide which business will win the coveted title of Calgary’s Best Hot Chocolate and Calgary’s Best Spirited Hot Chocolate! We also recognize one special business with the Cup That Runneth Over Award to acknowledge their outstanding contribution to Calgary Meals on Wheels. Calgarians are encouraged to check out the participating locations and try the hot chocolates available that appeal to them! With dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and fair trade options listed – we have hot chocolate suited for every palate!



The Charity

Food is a basic need, a life necessity. What we eat or don’t eat affects our mental, emotional and physical well-being. There is a significant population in our city who, for various reasons, are not able to tend to their basic daily nutrition. Calgary Meals on Wheels is proud to provide programs that directly target the barriers to proper nutrition.

What began as a small operation in November of 1965, delivering meals to eight individuals prepared in a church basement, has grown into a production facility that prepares and delivers over 1,850 meals each day; more than 460,000 meals a year.

Although our principal clients are seniors, our programs are open to all Calgarians who are in need of a meal service to maintain independence in their own homes, regardless of age or circumstance. We focus on serving all individuals in need of nutritious meals including families, individuals and school children.

In over 50 years of service, Calgary Meals on Wheels has never missed a day of scheduled delivery!

For more information on Calgary Meals On Wheels programs, volunteer opportunities, or events visit our website.



The Winners

We review every rating for quality assurance and use each approved rating received throughout the month of February to determine the winner of Calgary’s Best Hot Chocolate and Calgary’s Best Spirited Hot Chocolate.

First, we compile all votes received and divide by category – regular and spirited.

We then take the total number of votes in each category and divide by the total number of competitors to find the average votes per participant. The average number of votes must be received by a given hot chocolate in order to be considered for the winning title of either category. (For example, if the average number of votes per participant is 50, one must reached 50 votes or above to be considered for the title).

This measure ensures that each participant’s segment of data (number of ratings), is large enough to be considered representative of the entire population of data (all of the ratings). For instance, a participant with ten 5 star ratings could not win the competition, even though they had a 5 star rating – as their segment of data was too small to be representative of the population.

Next, we find the average rating for all participants who met the minimum average required. The participant with the highest average rating is the winner of the category in which they are competing.

In the occurrence of a tied rating, we use number of ratings to determine a winner.

This is why it is very important to rate each drink you try as to reflect the public’s true opinion of Calgary’s Best Hot Chocolate! Rate drinks honestly and give comments openly. Ratings and comments are shared with participants after the competition closes for their review (and brain storming for future years of competition!)


The 2018 YYC Hot Chocolate Fest goal is to raise approximately $20,000, with administration costs not to exceed 10%. Funds raised will be used to subsidize client meal fees. Calgary Meals on Wheels does not pay commissions or finder’s fees for fundraising. For further information, please contact Stephanie Ralph at 403-243-2834, or by mail at Calgary Meals on Wheels, 5759 80th Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2C 4S6. A tax receipt will be issued promptly for donations of $10.00 or more. Calgary Meals on Wheels Charitable Registration #11882 3749 RR0001.