Will You Accept This Rose?

Single origin dark chocolate infused with organic chai and a touch of rose finished with cinnamon whipped cream and a light sprinkle of rose petals.

Options: Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

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Blenz Coffee-01

Address: 702 7 Ave SW
Phone: (403) 264-8630

Voting begins February 1st

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 12 reviews
by Carolyn Field on Will You Accept This Rose?

Delicious combination of flavours. Always served with a smile from the Blenz crew.

Wanted this to be better than it turned out to be. It was good, just not as amazing as it sounded like it could have been.

The rose flavour was a very interesting combination with the hot chocolate, I really enjoyed it!

I really like the rose flavour actually, blends really nicely with the chocolate. However, I didn't like having to chew through the pedals.

This was amazing! The blend of rose and chai together with rich chocolate blew my mind! It was delightful and delicate! Incredible.

Maybe I enjoyed this more than others because it was my breakfast, but it was really yummy and well balanced and even enjoyed the petals. Found the spices were just right.

by Savannah Foo on Will You Accept This Rose?

Really good hot chocolate! Chai flavour is very subtle and the rose petals are a nice touch!

The hot chocolate was good, but the chai taste was lacking. The roses were also a bit strange when you started drinking.

I wanted more of the chai, it was there but was like a subtle aftertaste. The dark chocolate and rose flavours really complimented each othet well. This drink tasted of romance and candlelight.

I didn't really get any chai flavor coming through, and although the rose petal topping was beautiful, it was kind of hard to eat and chewy. I think it would have been better if they had ground the rose petals and topped the whipped cream with that instead of whole petals. The hot chocolate itself was rich and delicious.

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