White Chocolate Matcha Kiss

Rich and creamy white hot chocolate infused with a deep green matcha kiss, swirled with our very own stone-ground heirloom dark chocolate, garnished with a hand-made mint marshmallow made from grass-fed gelatin. This is hot chocolate bliss!

Options: Gluten free, Fair Trade

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I would expect nothing less than ingredients that include colostrum and beef gelatin, from the Light Cellar. The marshmallow had a sour tinge to it that I wasn't a fan of. And the many ingredients that made up this unique take on a green matcha hot chocolate (one of three that were tried this festival), made for a unique and complex experience. And yet, not one I would seek out again. Kudos for the presentation - the careful care taken to decorate the glasses did not go unnoticed.


I really appreciated the chocolate swirled on the glass. White chocolates often don't feel chocolate-y enough for me but this struck a nice balance. Very matcha-y. Excellent marshmallow.

It was pretty darn good but the Avalanche had you beat.

Very delicious!! Unique, not what you think of when picturing hot cocoa, but the creamy mix of flavors is very nice

This is one of the most unique hot chocolate's I have ever tasted. I really enjoyed all the unique textures and tastes.

The best combination of matcha and chocolate.. Vegan blend makes me happy 😀


Hands down winner right here folks, near perfect.. I hate white chocolate and I STILL loved this drink.. Perfectly balanced and not too sweet. I'm not ashamed to say, i had two back to back lol!

pretty good on presentation and flavour

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