Saucy S’more Hot Chocolate

Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate, topped with housemade marshmallow meringue. Finished with graham crumb sprinkle and espresso chocolate drizzle

Options: Gluten free.

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Sauce Italian Market-01

Address: 3326 17 Ave SW
Phone: (403) 727-7627

Voting begins February 1st

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 54 reviews

Yummy, not overly sweet, the toasted marshmallow was great!

by Kaj Morawski on Saucy S'more Hot Chocolate

Superb! One of my favourites. Very rich but not overbearing. The graham crumbs were a great touch!

A nice sweet drink, the marshmallow was really nice! Overall very sweet, but still good.

Very yummy, and a great presentation. One of the best out of the large collection I tried this year. Not to rich in chocolate, and the perfect amount of topping. The marshmallow was Delicious and the crumbs were perfect as they didn't go soggy. Could be because of how fast i drank it because of how good it was

Great presentation but much too sweet for my taste. We had this drink at the beginning of the Chocolate Fest and I'm sure there was a shot of espresso added which is not in the description~ the coffee flavor was overwhelming. I loved the graham crumb sprinkle.

Oh my ... this one was SO tasty! The graham crackers was an interesting and delicious addition and of course the 'mallows! It did taste like a hot chocolate s'more!

This one was pretty tasty. A tad too sweet even for me. However the downside is that if you don't eat the graham crackers right away, it gives the drink a gritty, unpleasant texture after a while.

A Rich and Creamy novelty hot chocolate, with a tasteful, non-artificial S'more flavour, topped with a DELICIOUS marshmallow. Definitely sweet - maybe a tad too sweet - but the sweetness was very complimentary to the S'more flavour. Overall a very enjoyable drink!

I loved this hot chocolate. Rich, sweet, a total delight.

by Blake and Rylan on Saucy S'more Hot Chocolate

Loved it! Super yummy!

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