Guiness Hot Chocolate

Velvety Guinness hot chocolate, with Jameson and Baileys. Made with cream for that velvety taste. Topped with a House Made Guinness Marshmallow

Options: Dairy Free, Vegan, Fair Trade, Gluten Free

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Address: 133 9th Avenue SW
Phone: (403) 262-1234

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by mrputter on Guiness Hot Chocolate

I like Bailey's and I *love* Guinness, so I had high hopes that this would be a winner. Well, it was definitely good! But eh... if anything, the booze was a little bit too strong, too in-your-face. If that's what you like, then great! But I found it crowded out the actual chocolate part of it a bit too much. Guess I'm looking for more of a chocolate-with-a-glow, than a wow-this-is-definitely-alcohol.

Yum, this was a pleasant experience of the spirited variety. I'm not sure if I could taste Guinness in the marshmallow but I appreciate the sentiment.

by shelley on Guiness Hot Chocolate

This was pretty spectacular and is my second favourite spirited hot chocolate. It was sooooo smooth! The marshmallows are amazing and the presentation lovely. The alcohol did not just sit on top but was married through the whole drink giving it a nice body and flavour down to the last drop...please keep this for the rest of the winter!!!

by Kipling on Guiness Hot Chocolate

I am not really a fan of marshmallows, but this one was spectacular. They did some magic to it so it wasn't as cloyingly sweet as a regular marshmallow, and it melted in your mouth. The drink was good, too!

This was a very creamy hot chocolate, nice and thick! The Jamesons was quite strong in it, but gave it a kick. The homemade marshmallow was delicious, I could have eaten a few of those.

Not my favorite

by Patrick on Guiness Hot Chocolate

Wow!!! Absolutely amazing!

The spirits gave a great kick to the hot chocolate. Delicious! Drink only one if you are driving.