Blanco’s Chocoloca

A winning combination of evaporated, condensed and whole milk,chili flakes, dried ancho chili, vanilla bean, chocolate chips, 1 oz of Patron XO incendio, and garnished with a cinnamon stick.

Options: Gluten Free.

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Address: 723 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B6
Phone: (403) 228-1854

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 10 reviews
by Nicole on Blanco's Chocoloca

Wow! This one burned and not because of the "hot" chocolate but rather the "hot" spices. I have a low tolerance for spices so it was difficult to enjoy this one. Amidst the burning, however, I could sense a tasty hot chocolate blend with patron. Perfect warm drink on a "chili" day.

This hot chocolate is delicious. It's really thick and rich - more like a drinking chocolate. It's quite spicy, but I liked the kick. It is large so I would agree with the reviewer who suggested spitting one.

by Kat Knox on Blanco's Chocoloca

Amazing! Love the richness and the kick of the chillis

by Natascia on Blanco's Chocoloca

This is my winning hot chocolate and I've had a lot! :)I love the chocolaty flavour and kick of the spice. It makes me want to drink and drink and keep drinking it!The added whipping cream on top was a delight, not in the picture so a bonus! :)I had the non-alcoholic one.

by Andrew on Blanco's Chocoloca

One of the best spicy hot chocolates I have had!

by Amy smith on Blanco's Chocoloca

Rich and chocolatey with a nice kick that doesn't take away from the chocolate flavour. Got the non alcoholic version, but I can see it being really good spirited as well.

by Pei Yun on Blanco's Chocoloca

Hellooooo nurse! This one's got a nice spicy kick; I like it a lot!

by Wanda on Blanco's Chocoloca

Only tried a sample of this at smbyyc so there was no tequila in it, but I loved the depth of flavour and spicy kick it gave!

by Justin on Blanco's Chocoloca

Some damn good hot chocolate! Super rich from the melted chocolate with a spicy hit right at the end. Super filling so I'd recommend splitting one.

Amazung hot chococolate, rich and thick with a spicy kick. Will go back,try it with churro bites!!