The Corbeaux

This year we wanted to challenge ourselves to thinking outside of the box. The Corbeaux is a basil infused Lindt white hot chocolate with a hint of lemon. The drink is veltvety and sweet with just a light touch of basil shining through. Our very own Corbeaux bakery is handmaking decadent marshmallows that will serve as a tasty topper on The Corbeaux Hot Chocolate, along with a golden-brown white chocolate cookie to dip.

Options: Dairy Free


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Average rating:  
 90 reviews
by Nicole on The Corbeaux

I'd have this again! Light and flavourful!

by Ty Younge on The Corbeaux

Loved the cookie idea, very good!

by Kate on The Corbeaux

I didn't manage to try as many hot chocolates as I would have liked this year but this was awesome. Not crazy sweet but still decadent and so imaginative. Best I had!

by Lucy on The Corbeaux

The best hot chocolate I have ever tried. All the elements in it are the perfect combination: the white chocolate, the basil, the marshmallows and the biscuit is absolutely amazing!

by Carma on The Corbeaux

The fusion of flavors is so creative and refreshing. Sinfully sweet, but ohhh so delicious!

by Nicole on The Corbeaux

Brilliant combination of Basil and white chocolate topped with a lemon zested marshmallow. And with a delicious white chocolate cookie for dipping, this was the perfect combination.

by Courtney on The Corbeaux

Could taste the lemon and basil flavours more so than the white hot chocolate itself, it was still delicious none the less and the cookie was a great touch!

by shetree on The Corbeaux

Yummy! The basil flavor was amazing and the lemon marshmallows were a delight.

by Kylie Bradbury on The Corbeaux

Loved the delicate lemon and basil flavours. It was not overly sweet and it was nice a creamy.

by Sarah te Linde on The Corbeaux

Out of all the hot chocolates that I tried this month I think this one was my favourite! I really enjoyed how the basil was incorporated into the drink, and the fluffy marshmallows made it even better.

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